Conference 2013.

The 1st international scientific and professional conference „Challenges of today: Tourism today – for tomorrow“ was held in Šibenik 19th September to 20th September 2013.

With this conference we wanted to put a special accent on tourism from few different reasons:

  • because of our tradition in educating personnel in the field of tourism industry,
  • because of the environment in which we live and work,
  • because of the Croatian economy which relies heavily on tourism,
  • because of the desire for developing and strengthening new types of tourism and new recognizable tourist destinations as well as shaping of the tourist products,
  • because of the desire for improvement of our tourist offer,
  • because of the overall satisfaction of all participants of tourism industry.
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Conference 2015.

The 2nd international scientific and professional conference „The Challenges of today: tourism and local development“ was held in Šibenik 1st October to 3rd October 2015.

With this Conference we have put a particular stress on tourism;

  • due to our intent for developing and enforcing the new forms and aspects of tourism and recognizable tourist destinations,
  • due to our wish for shaping the new tourist products,
  • due to the economy of the Republic of Croatia as well as those of other confining countries that in great measure rely on tourism,
  • and finally due to the improvement of the overall tourist offer.

Conference 2017.

The 3rd international scientific and professional conference „Challenges of today: sustainable coastal and maritime tourism“ was held in Šibenik 12th October to 14th October 2017.

This conference emphasizes coastal and maritime tourism due to its enormous potential and significant role in:

  • promoting sustainable economic growth and employment,
  • improving quality of tourist offer,
  • developing recognizable tourist destinations and shaping new tourist products,
  • strengthening competitiveness of maritime economy,
  • encouraging better traffic connections with improved energy infrastructure,
  • providing sustainable and long term development of coastal regions.
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Conference 2019.

The 4th international conference „Challenges of today“ was held in Šibenik 10th October to 12th October 2019.

The conference “Challenges of today” addresses the issue of digital transformation of today, for the following reasons:

  • the significance of digital transformation in the immediate present, the new technologies it carries, the innovation and the speed of change;
  •   the implementation of digital technologies in all areas of business and the potential of building a sustainable relationship and better understanding of customer needs;
  • discovering new business opportunities using innovations and technology;
  • new trends brought by digitization in tourism and gastronomy;
  • the role of digital transformation on the environment and sustainable development through innovation;
  •   availability of information;
  • human potential as the key to adaptation to digital transformation

Conference 2021.

The 5th international conference „Challenges of Today“ was held in Šibenik 7th October to 10th October 2021.

The conference “Challenges of today” addresses the issue of digital transformation of todayand the conclusions were:

  • strategic management and digitization of cities greatly contributes to big savings in the budget and the speed of the process;
  • digitization of public administration in the form of a more efficient public service is a necessity for the future development of an individual country;
  • the importance of using digital technologies in times of major global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • the promotion of tourism, the attractiveness of the tourist offer and the strengthening of the hotel industry are of great importance for the Republic of Croatia;
  • today’s education system is unthinkable without the use of modern digital technologies, and it is necessary to focus on acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of information technologies;
  • digital transformation is happening now, it is unstoppable and fast and brings new challenges and opportunities for business and society in general, so it is necessary to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

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