6th International Conference „The Challenges of Today“

ROUNDTABLE "Trends in the development of public administration and the issue of resilience"

PhD Jelena Budak

Jelena Budak is a senior research fellow with the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Croatia.

Her research interests include institutions and public sector policies, the quality of public governance and corruption, privacy in an online environment, and surveillance. She has published over 70 research papers, mostly empirically evidenced studies of Western Balkans countries and post-transition issues. Besides the economics of corruption, her recent research is in the field of privacy issues and resilience to online privacy violation incidents. She is a principal investigator of two corresponding research projects funded by the Croatian Science Foundation.

Since 2017. she holds the position of deputy director of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb.

PhD Aleksander Aristovnik

Aleksander Aristovnik is Professor of Economics and Management in Administration at the Faculty of Public Administration and Professor of Economics at the School of Economics and Business (University of Ljubljana). 

 He has actively participated in numerous international conferences and published his research findings in recognized international academic journals. He is also a member of the editorial boards of several international journals and programme committees of different international scientific conferences (e.g. NISPAcee).

Moreover, he has been a head (or a member) of more than 40 domestic/international projects, and an external reviewer of projects/programmes of different research agencies/networks.

Ivan Lakoš

Ivan Lakoš currently works as the head of the Independent Sector for Strategic Development and Projects at the Ministry of Justice and Administration, in which he is responsible for leading the process of coordination and management of the preparation of strategic and operational documents, as well as managing the preparation and implementation processes of all projects from various sources of funding (NPOO , ESF, ERDF, TSI, FSEU, Union Programs, CEF – Connecting Europe Facility, World Bank, Council of Europe Development Bank, Norwegian Financial Mechanism, International Cooperation Programs: Twinning/Grants).

It is particularly important to emphasize involvement in the development and implementation of reforms and investments from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in the area of public administration development and the efficiency of the judicial system.

In addition to the above, Ivan gained rich experience working in various positions in state institutions in the management of EU programs and projects. He pays special attention to his personal professional development and activities to innovation both in the organization of business processes, in leading people and in thinking about public policies.

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