6th International Conference „The Challenges of Today“

About the conference

The conference “Challenges of today” addresses the issue of digital transformation of today, for the following reasons:

  • the significance of digital transformation in the immediate present, the new technologies it carries, the innovation and the speed of change;
  •   the implementation of digital technologies in all areas of business and the potential of building a sustainable relationship and better understanding of customer needs;
  • discovering new business opportunities using innovations and technology;
  • new trends brought by digitization in tourism and gastronomy;
  • the role of digital transformation on the environment and sustainable development through innovation;
  •   availability of information;
  • human potential as the key to adaptation to digital transformation.
Konferencija 2023 - 2. slika

Conference Goals:

  •  to promote the challenge of digital transformation through an interdisciplinary approach,
  •  to inaugurate new models and discoveries of the digital age
  •  to link and exchange experiences in order to strengthen collaboration between scientists / researchers and the economic community.

To whom is the conference intended?

We are all part of the digital transformation. That is why our intention is to involve as many experts from different fields in the Conference in order to see this important challenge of our time from different perspectives which require a thorough analysis and involvement of all interested parties.

Reasons to attend the conference

We believe that the conference will provide answers to the essential questions about the challenges of today’s digital transformation.

Konferencija 2023 - 1. slika

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