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Šibenik is the oldest native Croatian town, situated in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic coast, in a picturesque bay where the Krka, one of the most beautiful Croatian river meets sea. Šibenik is the administrative – political, economic and social – cultural center of Šibenik – Knin County, which stretches about 100 km along the coast, while its hinterland reaches the foothills of Dinara, 45 km away.

Šibenik, 21.12.2017 - Povodom upisa tvrðave sv. Nikole u kanalu sv. Ante kod Šibenika kao kulturnog dobra na Popis svjetske baštine UNESCO-a, u sklopu transnacionalnog projekta 'Obrambeni sustavi Republike Venecije 16. i 17. stoljeæa', u èetvrtak su na toj tvrðavi sveèano podignute hrvatska i UNESCO-ova zastava.
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Unesco monuments

Šibenik is the only town in Croatia with two UNESCO monuments. The St. Jacob cathedral, symbol of the city of Šibenik, is on the UNESCO Heritage List since 2000. The second monument is the fortress of St. Nicholas, a naval defensive fort located on the islet Ljuljevac, on the entrance to the canal of Sv. Ante near Šibenik. It is officially enrolled in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2017.

Šibenik Fortress

Fortresses used to protect the Šibenik core from numerous attacks in history, and today they are an exceptional tourist attraction and a cultural asset. There are four beautiful fortresses in Sibenik: St. Michael, Barone, St. John and St. Nicholas. St. Michael was mentioned for the first time during the reign of King Petar Krešimira IV, the founder of the city of Sibenik. It is considered the oldest Sibenik fortress. Fortress Barone is located at 80 meters above sea level and, together with the fortress of St. John, was used for the defense of Turkish attacks in 1647. It has been recently renovated and attracts many visitors. The fortress of St. John is located above the old Šibenik core. It also played an important role in defending against Turkish attacks. The fortress of St Nicholas is a defensive fort located on the islet Ljuljevac, at the entrance to the canal of St. Ante near Šibenik. In 2017 it was placed on the list of UNESCO’s cultural heritage.

Attractions in region

Nacionalni park Krka

Krka National Park covers the area of ​​109 km² of the most beautiful stream of the Krka River and the lower stream of the Čikola River. Along with its natural beauties one can find rich cultural and historical heritage. The National Park is a spacious, predominantly unchanged area of ​​exceptional and multiple natural values, and includes one or more preserved or slightly altered ecosystems. Its purpose is primarily scientific, cultural, educational and recreational. For visitors there are many tourist activities too.

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Nacionalni park Kornati

The Kornati National Park is located within the Kornati Islands with a total of 152 islands. Due to the exceptional landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, the higly indented coastline and especially rich biocenosis of the marine ecosystem, a group of 89 islands was proclaimed as a national park. The Kornati archipelago, as a separate island group located on the shores of Šibenik and Zadar islands, extends over an area of ​​about 320 km2.

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